Pi Kappa Alpha

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Pika Buggy

Quick Facts

Championships: 38

Broke the record most recently in 2008


Only team to win 7 times in a row

Most wins as an organization, of any organization


Buggy is a sport with close to eighty years of history and tradition here at Carnegie Mellon. Fraternities and independent student organizations alike build compact, teardrop-shaped racecars called buggies, which are typically driven by the smallest women on campus. The buggies are propelled by both downhill momentum, and, during the uphill portions of the nearly ¾ mile long course, human pushers who race up the "backhills". This results in the sport of buggy being the perfect fusion between engineering prowess and athletic ability. The competition is fierce, with many fraternities and organizations investing months of work and thousands of dollars of equipment to shave just tenths of a second of their course time.

Up until 2007, no organization ever won the race more than 6 consecutive years, a feat completed in the late 1970s. In 2008, the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha broke this record, taking home a historic 7th consecutive victory in buggy. To go along with this, our Men's A-team also shattered a course record that previously stood since 1988 at 2:06.2. In 2008, PiKA posted a time of 2:04.35, an incredible drop of nearly two full seconds.

This past Sweepstakes the women's team took fourth place after losing some strong pushers to a track meet the second day. The highlight for the pushers that race was putting up the fastest hill 1 times in Pika history with the women's time of 20.69 and the men's time of 15.41. Combining the strong pushers from last year and the the first round draft picks from this year, PiKA looks to take home a championship, and possibly challenge the course record.